I really like to encourage active participation. Amazingness is there for everyone to discover, and I hope to inspire and encourage people to do so. It is about enjoying more by doing less; taking your time, investigating, and finding delight in nature being, growing, living, changing.

I love it when people tell me about the Amazingness that they’ve found, and when they take photos and show me. One of my friends actually took a photograph of a little plant growing out of the Great Wall of China. :)

your pics go here

I encourage people to send me photographs of the amazingness they've found. You can see a selection of the photos I've been sent on the next page.

I would love to receive more submissions. If you would like to go on an Amazingness photography mission and email me the results, I would be delighted. Please remember to tell me exactly where you found your piece of Amazingness (street, city, postcode).

I also lead Amazingness-themed photography workshops to get people involved.