anna and caterpillar

I am a photographer and environmentalist. The main focus of my personal work the Amazingness project - is about nature in the urban environment. Wherever we are, however built-up an area is, there is always sky above us, small plants growing in between walls and tiny animals going about their daily lives. It is about looking and seeing, investigating and discovering, not taking your environment for granted but finding inspiration and enjoyment in it. Even something as simple as looking up at the sky can expand your horizons and lift your spirits.

I am really interested in education and the environment and in promoting an environmentally sensitive way of being and living. I lead workshops about photography and urban nature, and have done so for the Natural History Museum and for Kent Wildlife Trust.

I studied Eco-Design at Goldsmiths College, graduating in 2005, and have included some of my favourite eco-design projects on this site. I also studied Zoology at Edinburgh University and am planning on undertaking some more science-based photography projects in the future.