Workshops : Discover Your Urban Wonderland

I have led photography workshops for children at the Natural History Museum, in schools for Kent Wildlife Trust, and at the Viewfinder Photography Gallery, Greenwich. Please contact me if you are interested in me leading workshops in your school or organisation.


taking a pic from high level

After an initial tutorial where we discuss the nature that can be found in our urban environment, and learn some of the fundamentals of picture-taking, we go outside with our cameras and explore, using the camera as a tool for discovering and documenting nature in unusual places, whilst at the same time using the nature that we find to learn about photography.

Some children participating in one of my workshops:

kids at workshops
taking a pic from low level

We then return indoors and upload about 4 photos each onto a computer; we project them onto a wall and then discuss all the pictures, and talk about what we discovered and what we enjoyed.

"Anna introduced us to the concept of 'amazingness' and explained carefully how to look for, frame and shoot images. The pictures taken (by children aged 5 to 11) were truly amazing! It was great fun and we all learnt a great deal .... to be thoroughly recommended."
Kelly Hill, parent of participating child.

"The workshop was really well structured, from awareness and focussing activities at the beginning, through a very engaging presentation of learning, practical group activities, confidence building, individual attention and guidance, to viewing, analysing and valuing the children's results at the end. The timing was expertly managed, supported by sound technical skills, so that each participant was able to see all their photographs and select for presentation and group discussion. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience. I was impressed and Sofia aged 9 was thrilled and inspired and couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the day."
Diana Phillips, Teacher