cycle fridge poetry 1

The daily commute to work in Central London is the bane of many people's lives. It's boring, frustrating and often very unpleasant, being stuck in your car in traffic, or on a busy smelly hot train. Yet still people do it when there are other options available, for example, cycling.

In order to promote cycling as a viable means of urban commuter transport I decided to focus on cycling as a fun, enjoyable, exciting and exhilarating activity, instead of concentrating on the 'boring' healthy and environmental aspects of it.

Unconfined by traffic or train times, the freedom of a bicycle allows for exploration and the possibility of discovery and adventure.

cycle fridge poetry 2

Cycling Fridge Poetry is designed to be placed in the workplace kitchen. Those who already cycle to work can use the magnets to express their positive feelings about their journey, with the result of awakening interest and generating the desire to cycle amongst those who do not currently do so.